CORAZÓN Marketplace – Our new partner program

Our “marketplace” is a white-label service offer and can be easily and conveniently integrated as an additional service on your own website. Currently we offer the possibility to offer (service) numbers, both international and national, as an added value for your customers via your website.


For whom is our partner program suitable?

For all companies that are in contact with other companies/providers in the B2B business for whom the topic (service) numbers is of interest. The following industries are primarily relevant here in any case: Telecommunication service providers, telecommunication/system manufacturers, call center service providers, communication consultants, and others …


How does our partner program work?

You integrate our marketplace website – – into your existing Internet presence by means of a affiliate link or banner. By clicking on it, your customers and also your sales department can easily inform about the available solutions per country directly on our marketplace website and, if interested, simply submit an online offer request. The request will be forwarded to you and to us and the customer will directly receive a corresponding solution proposal. You benefit from every inquiry that leads to an order and is initiated via your website. The partner commission is invoiced monthly. You will receive a turnover-related, ongoing commission on all orders mediated through you.


Available advertisement formats:

A simple and catchy way to integrate the marketplace on your website. The banner is provided with your personal partner ID, which we use to assign the requests to your company later. We can provide you with ready-made banners. If you are interested, we will gladly send them to you.

In-Text-Advertising links:
These text links are set in a running text and are also provided with your personal partner ID.

Classical text links:
These are located outside of a text and are easily and conveniently integrated into your site via HTML code. Like the banner and the In-Text link, this will also be provided with your personal partner ID.

P.S: In principle, text links have the advantage that they are not detected by advertising blockers and are therefore always visible.