Secure E-mail: The foundation in the medical field sets new standards for the secure and digital transmission of sensitive data

A foundation with 13 subsidiaries and 3,700 employees with the scope of duties of education, family, health, living spaces, care and participation relies on Secure Mail.

As part of process optimisation, the foundation was looking for a solution to send sensitive information and personal data securely and promptly (not only within the various institutions but also outside them) to external parties and to patients. Until now, sensitive documents such as patient data, medical care reports, recommendations for treatment, as well as treatment plans and offers within the institutions were printed out, put in envelopes and then distributed or sent by post. In addition, care applications, job applications and the general exchange of documents with private patients were generally handled by post.

The organisational effort as well as the administrative costs within the 34 locations were very high for this.

A new digital solution had to meet central requirements. In addition to speed and high security standards, a flexible connection to all locations and easy handling for employees and recipients were essential. Also the transmission of larger amounts of data, such as health care reports, patient files, X-rays, etc., had to be guaranteed reliably and securely. Furthermore, the integration to the mail systems of the different departments and institutes should be possible.

The solution

By using Secure Mail, the secure and verifiable transmission of sensitive personal data and patient records can be guaranteed both within the foundation’s organization, to external bodies and organizations and to private e-mail addresses. The addressees each receive an e-mail electronically signed by Swiss Post, which contains the documents as an encrypted SAFE attachment (Secure Attached File Encryption). NO data is stored on the Secure Mail platform and third parties cannot view the contents of the messages. The respective recipient opens the secure attachment whenever and wherever he wants with his personal password directly in his mailbox.

With the advancement of the electronic secure delivery by means of this solution, many expenses due to previously necessary, additional administrative procedures could be reduced, thus processes could be optimized and simplified and costs could be reduced significantly.


After the integration of Secure Mail, the foundation can react much faster and more flexibly. Patients can be treated up to one week earlier because the corresponding documents are available much more quickly and completely due to process optimization. After only 2 months, the foundation has also achieved a cost reduction of about 20% in this area.