Secure E-mail: Digital distribution of salary documents in large corporations

A leading European software provider in the health care sector in 12 countries, successfully implemented Secure Mail for the distribution of payroll accounting within its own corporation.

Confidentiality is essential in HR matters. For this very reason, many people here are still struggling with digitalization. When the company decided at the beginning of 2018 to send personnel documents digitally in future, there were many internal worries. In April 2018, the first 800 pay slips were sent electronically despite initial concerns. They were sent by encrypted e-mail directly from the company’s internal SAP system. After a short time, SV statements and annual income tax notices followed.

In advance, the Group’s data protection officer had meticulously checked that the Secure Mail solution met the legal data protection requirements and all labor law standards. Furthermore, all employees were prepared for the changeover in advance by means of an extensive FAQ catalogue and user instructions.

The solution

By using Secure Mail, the secured and verifiable sending of sensitive personnel documents to employees and staff of the software company can be guaranteed. The addressees each receive an e-mail electronically signed by Swiss Post, which contains the documents as an encrypted SAFE attachment (Secure Attached File Encryption). The respective recipient opens the secure attachment whenever and wherever he wants with his personal password directly in his mailbox. NO data is stored on the Secure Mail platform and third parties cannot view the contents of the messages.
In addition, employees can also use Secure Mail to send back encrypted requests for received personnel documents and pay slips, which the HR department can also open and read only with a password.

By integrating the electronic secure delivery of personnel documents to employees, many of the administrative procedures that were previously necessary could be reduced, thereby optimizing and simplifying processes and significantly reducing costs.


Since the internationally active group has started to deliver pay slips, social security notifications and annual payroll tax notices electronically instead of by post, security has increased significantly, according to the software group. For example, it is no longer possible for a salary statement to end up in the wrong envelope, as the specific data records are sent directly from the SAP HR master data to the corresponding e-mail address.

The group has also recorded significant time and cost savings. For example, a whole personnel working day per month is no longer required. This time gained can now be used for other activities. In addition, the company saves paper and postage for the postal dispatch of approximately 1,200 accounting letters per month.