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Secure EMail

as simple and secure

As the swiss postal secrecy

Since the introduction of the new DSGVO, the protection of personal data has gained even more significance and importance. Companies and organisations are facing the challenge of checking and documenting internal and external processes and taking suitable, more far-reaching technical and organisational measures for possible weak points.

Sending personal data or confidential content in an e-mail or as an attachment to an e-mail involves some risks. Simple, secure end-to-end encryption of the text and attachments of an email prevents the confidential information in an email from being read and misused by the wrong people and ensures that all personal and confidential data is protected.

Secure e-mail is a secure solution for all industries and is particularly suitable for banks and financial service providers, public authorities as well as doctors, hospitals, medical laboratories and public authorities.


With Secure E-Mail you can send your written documents easily, encrypted and securely via


Secure e-mail can be used to send and receive e-mails and works in all countries. Every international email address is reachable.


Secure E-Mail meets the requirements of the GDPR for data security and data protection when sending personal data (such as name, address, date of birth, bank details, etc.) as well as all current state-of-the-art requirements for strictly confidential data and documents.

Integrity: Contents cannot be changed.
Proof: Sending and receiving are logged.
Secret: encrypted e-mails and attachments cannot be opened by third parties.
Authentication: Recipient is checked when opening.
Note: Secure email does not save any data!

How it works


With Secure E-Mail you can upgrade your existing e-mail infrastructure quickly and easily for secure sending.


With one click you can send your messages encrypted and verifiable from your email infrastructure.


Your recipient receives an electronically signed e-mail. This contains your message with the attached documents as an encrypted attachment.


The recipient opens the encrypted attachment with his own Secure E-Mail password directly in his personal mailbox (e.g. with Gmail or


Over 1,100 business customers use this secure e-mail solution, and over 5 million messages are sent annually. With more than 20 years of experience in business communication and countless customer projects, we understand the requirements of your industry and also support your communication projects and the integration of the Secure E-Mail solution as your partner.


The pricing model of Secure E-Mail and the billing is easy. In addition to a one-time project-related provisioning fee and a monthly basic fee, there are only purely usage-based fees per transaction or per workstation.
Due to the simplified handling and secure sending, significant time and resource savings can be achieved in many business processes, such as sending salary statements.


We are absolutely convinced of the simplicity and functionality of our secure e-mail solution. We can provide / setup the system for you at any time within the scope of a non-binding test and you can use and experience it live as part of a test scenario.


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