Technical Support immediately and easily charged

A successful international tech/IT company was looking for a new, simple and uncomplicated just-in-time billing solution for its national and international service offerings in the area of tech/IT support for existing customers as well as especially for new, spontaneous support users.

The original solution of making individual support packages available via advance payment invoice restricted business massively in some cases, led to high bounce rates among new prospects/customers and prevented direct purchase decisions for additional services offered.

The solution

Together with one of our partners, we have created a platform through which the provider can now easily bill its support service in real time via SEPA direct debit. Customers can use and pay for support services on an ad hoc, one-off basis as needed. In addition, further support packages offered can be selected. The products can be booked flexibly online or by telephone. Support and troubleshooting can thus take place directly in telephone contact with the customers and there are no waiting times.

During payment processing, customer data, bank details and creditworthiness are checked and validated in real time. The direct debit transaction is carried out directly by means of an automatically generated SEPA mandate. The solution is used by customers in Germany and at least three other European countries.


The order rate for the basic service package offered for technical support for PC problems at a price of 99.90 euro/year increased by almost 15 % in the first month. Within the first three months after the start with the new, flexible billing solution for the support service packages offered, the total turnover with all support products could be directly increased by 10 % through flexible booking and upsales.

A very low failure rate of only 2-3% was achieved through intelligent checking mechanisms integrated into the payment solution. Further receivables management measures implemented in the solution ensure an even higher overall success.