Payment on invoice

Solution (only in Germany)

Secured payment on invoice

for e-Commerce

Customers pay on invoice – retailers are guaranteed to receive sales immediately.

A good 30% of German online sales in the mail order business are paid by customers via invoice. Add this customer-friendly payment option to your payment options in your webshop.

Secured purchase on invoice

How it works

Step 1

Add goods to shopping cart and select payment method purchase on invoice.

Step 2

Entry of address data on the part of the customer.
(Note: no further identity verification required).

Step 3

Automated verification and confirmation of payment

Step 4

Shipment of the goods to your customer by you

Step 5

Enclose an invoice receipt for delivery and/or send by e-mail by you

Step 6

Payment of the purchase amount already after 1 working day to your account through our partner bank

Step 7

Customer transfers within 30 days to the partner bank, whose account details are already included on the invoice documents.