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Geo + 032


Service number

Local telephone numbers or geo numbers are not only suitable for regional services, but can also be used nationwide and can be reached internationally. Geo numbers look like normal local network numbers and are the simplest and cheapest way to use all the advantages of a classic service number. For those who do not want to indicate a local network reference or cannot show a company headquarters in the respective area code, there is the possibility to have a location-independent number from the area code 032 set up.



  • Setup and activation of the local telephone number
  • Classic forwarding via PSTN or VoIP to one or more termination numbers
  • Provision of comprehensive online statistics
  • Provision of an online routing tool for independent control of call forwarding
  • Possibility to extend your telephone number by up to 3 digits
  • Optional: linking of the number with IVR services, ACD functionalities, call centres or call tracking
  • Personal service and support