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Call Tracking

Call Tracking is an important tool to analyse phone calls in order to optimize your online marketing activities. In this way you can find out how many calls are coming in from which sources and Google Ads campaigns. We provide you with the appropriate tools – according to your individual requirements.

Leads by phone

Phone calls are still the most popular way of contacting people around the world, despite what a lot of people might think. They are generally preferred over contact forms, chats, FAQ’s or the manual search of information on complex websites. This makes it even more important to be able to evaluate calls as part of your marketing strategy and success.

What is Call Tracking?

If you run a website and invest in online advertising, call tracking is an indispensable tool for analysing and optimising your campaigns and managing your budgets. Up to now, telephone requests could not be measured directly. If you want to know how well your online campaigns are working or how well your advertising is performing in different media channels, it is essential to include calls as part of the customer journey.


Call tracking works

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Step 1 - Call

A user is on your website and dials the displayed phone number. Each user gets a unique number displayed, which is distinguished by randomly generated end numbers.
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Step 2 - Processing

The call tracking server processes the call and automatically sends the corresponding call information to your analysis tool.
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Step 3 - Analysis

The online analysis tool (e.g. Google Analytics) assigns the call to the session so that the call is combined with all other statistical data such as the source.

Why Corazón

Call Tracking

Our DEMO shows you how call tracking works with a real example, from the Google display to the call to the analysis in Analytics. Many more information, comparisons and application examples are also available on our product page.
We would be happy to take the time to present call tracking in a live demo. Just make an appointment or give us a call.


What is the difference?

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Static Call Tracking ...

… refers to the measurability of calls for advertising campaigns in different media channels (e.g. TV, print, web – especially social media and Google Ads – mailings etc.). For this purpose, the respective advertising campaigns are linked to separate phone numbers. So that each call can be assigned accordingly. A separate phone number is assigned for each channel. This provides you with further evaluation options regarding the effectiveness and success of the advertising used or the budget. For this purpose, user-friendly online statistics are available to you free of charge.
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Dynamic Call Tracking ...

… is the association of the user with a dynamic telephone number as well as an automated forwarding of the call information in Google Analytics. For this purpose, each website visitor is first shown an individual number by automatically extending the static number by up to three digits. Incoming calls can thus be assigned down to the keyword level for evaluation and analysis. Each call is recorded and provides valuable information on the actual performance of campaigns or individual keywords


Two call tracking variants:


The Basic version allows an allocation of the calls to the respective traffic sources as well as a quantitative presentation of the call data (e.g. number and duration).


Premium Call Tracking also offers content classification of the calls by the call centre agent following the telephone call by simply pressing a button.