White label

Payment service provider

White label


We provide you with a white label solution that can be easily and quickly customized to your corporate identity. This gives you the opportunity to act like a payment service provider without having to set up everything yourself from the beginning. This is much more beneficial both in terms of time and money and you can concentrate on your core business.
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The white label solution is customized to your look and feel, for example by integrating your logo and layout in your corporate colors. With your own URL and the customization options in the design, you act like a payment service provider.

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You have the possibility to create your own accounts and set up individual payment methods for your merchants. You can use all available payment connections and integrate all additional services such as risk checks or debt collection management.

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The huge flexibility of the gateway is the basis of our white label solution. This means that project-related payment solutions can also be integrated easily and quickly. New payment methods and almost every financial and service partner can be integrated easily.



  • All common payment methods available via gateway
  • Integration via plugins or API
  • Independent administration of the merchant accounts
  • Use of all additional services such as risk assessment and debt management
  • Option to automate the onboarding process



  • Additional income as PSP service provider
  • No high investments in infrastructure, technology and regulatory compliance
  • Fast availability, as existing solution
  • Highest flexibility through modular portfolio
  • All in one offer for your customers and partners