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Customer service in transition with AI

DC Assistant summarises calls, transcreates them into text and can import the important information from a call directly into the existing customer system. Answering machine messages can also be filtered, transcrepated and forwarded to employees or employee groups so that your customers’ concerns can be dealt with quickly and easily.

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In the future, focus on what really counts: Personalised customer advice. Many recurring questions and problems can now be processed automatically or at least semi-automatically.

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Meet us at TES in Cascais from 24-27 February 2024

We specialise in the processing of high-risk transactions. We offer international mobile and telephone payment solutions based on direct settlement via mobile phone providers and direct debit payments for high-risk transactions in many European countries.

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Expansion and internationalization of our payment portfolio

As part of our payment solutions service, we are always interested in expanding the existing portfolio of global payment methods and service providers. Through the new partnership with Processing Partners, one of the largest global payment service providers, we have succeeded in this to a large extent.

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Dialog Control Toolbox

Turn your customer dialogue into a perfect service for your callers. With Dialog Control, we provide you with a simple and intelligent toolbox that makes it easy for you to optimally meet the diverse customer demands on your customer service.

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Corazon Home Office Telephony

In many companies, employees have been working from home since last year. In terms of optimal accessibility and a smooth transition, we have the right solution without IT integration and additional hardware. Employees only need a PC or laptop with internet connection and a telephone or mobile phone.

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Virtual Christmas Party 2020

From Home-Office to Home-Event This year many things are different. We have learned to deal with lockdowns and corona-related restrictions in many private and professional

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next id is now dtms

Corazon Communication Business – Zahlungsarten > With effect from 1 July this year, NextID GmbH merged with dtms GmbH under the brand “dtms“. next id

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