Make telephone requests measurable with calltracking

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You run a website, invest money in Google Ads and have daily telephone inquiries or orders? Haven’t you often wondered how these callers became aware of you and whether they came to you via booked online advertising? We can provide immediate solutions for this.

Certainly you are also thinking intensively about topics such as optimal accessibility, easy employee communication and maximum flexibility. What would a solution look like, taking into account the existing telephony infrastructure and technical equipment as well as the technical equipment of the home office workstations?

With our Call Tracking Solution you have the possibility to additionally include telephone calls in the evaluation of your online marketing activities. With the help of Call- Tracking you can easily and conveniently measure how many calls are received via active Google Ads campaigns, where the calls come from and adapt your campaigns to the caller’s behaviour.

Convince yourself and use our free 14-day test. 



  • Provision of service numbers (Geo or Freephone number)
  • Geo numbers in all 5,200 area codes in Germany
  • 0800 preferred numbers available from the BNetzA
  • Service numbers available worldwide in over 100 countries
  • Comprehensive routing options possible
  • Can be combined with IVR services
  • Setup of the tracking account incl. connection to analysis tool
  • Online statistics



  • Calls as a response channel for measuring the success rate
  • Detailed call information available for analysis
  • Quick and easy integration
  • No setup costs
  • Easy and transparent pricing model
  • No fixed contract period, 1 month cancellation period