IP Business telephone system

Standard or backup: home office with an IP telephone system

Many companies already use the flexibility of the home office in their daily work. However, the topic of the home office is also particularly relevant as a backup scenario for emergencies.
The power supply at the workplace is interrupted, the company has suffered water damage or employees are forced to work at a different location due to other circumstances – such as a pandemic. Many companies take a conceptual approach to this issue and define operationally relevant systems and a so-called emergency scenario. Some companies may be one step ahead and have second locations with a redundant structure covering at least the most important areas. However, most companies do not have these options. 

Location-independent telephone availability through cloud telephony

Whether as a standard case with flexible configuration between work in the business or home office, as an everyday organizational link between different company and home office locations or as a backup for emergencies – there is a simple and reliable solution when it comes to telephone availability:

IP telephone system CentrexX for professional business telephony from the cloud. Over 7,000 customers already use this option.