Service numbers


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Local service number

Geo + 032

Our geo numbers are not only ideal for regional services, but can also be used by multinational companies as a trustworthy source of communication….
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Freephone Service number


0800 telephone numbers are a free service for your customers under which you can be reached throughout Germany. Ideal for hotlines, support, ordering services or marketing campaigns…

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Premium rate service number


0900 service numbers are the most flexible solution when it comes to paying by phone. The nature of your business is determined by the fifth digit in the telephone number…

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Voting service number


For 0137 numbers you will receive a payout per call. We can process a very high quantity of incoming calls (high load) without any problems…

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Shared cost service number


0180 numbers are a paid service for your customers. While with 0800 numbers the called party carries the complete costs, here both sides share the costs…

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Mobile service


With our innovative mobile speed dial number (5 or 6 digits) you are well prepared for the ongoing shift of premium services to mobile phones…