As in every area of telecommunications, terms have developed in the field of so-called added-value services which are not always easy for newcomers to understand, but which are all the easier to misunderstand.
To the best of our knowledge and belief, we explain the most common word trends here. If you are missing a term, simply use the contact form so that we can add it to our list.
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Added value numbers

A value-added service is offered via a so-called added value number. This is a service that supplements a telecommunications service with another service. Both services are then billed together via the caller’s telephone bill.

Anyone wishing to be advised or entertained via a telephone service such as an astro / life advice service, a dating or chat line, weather information or similar, dials such a added value number (e.g. 0900 service number). The value-added service used is charged with the next telephone bill.

However, there are also added value numbers for information, support or consulting services. In a narrower sense, value-added services offered via value-added numbers are also premium services. Since 2006, these so-called premium services may only be offered via 0900 service numbers and 0137 numbers.


API – Application programming interface – is a computing interface specific to an application or operating system to allow third parties to extend its functionality beyond that which existed out of the box.



Bitcoin (BTC) is a globally available virtual currency that is not subject to any central authority. Money transactions are processed online using a special peer-to-peer application or a network of computers.


At your request, certain callers can be blocked, e.g. if they are known as bad payers and still have outstanding bills. The callers are thus rejected and not connected. The list of these numbers is called blacklist. The opposite is the whitelist.


Call Agent

The employees, the service calls are called “call agents”. These are persons whose main activity is to make calls to private or business customers on service related topics. They usually work in an overhead office and need appropriate expertise about the industry they represent or the product/service they sell.

In addition, a call agent should be trained in the psychological handling of people and efficient call management. There are few formal employment criteria for applicants, but in most cases the following criteria must be met:

  • Pleasant, reliable voice
  • Professional interaction with people
  • Positive charisma with high stress resistance
  • Efficient and fast working method
  • Basic knowledge of PC applications

Call Center

A call center is a telephone consulting center or a company which is designed to establish market contacts by telephone. Telephone contacts are made either actively (outbound: the call center initiates the call) or passively (inbound: the call center is called).

Call centres fulfil various tasks:

  • Information service
  • Customer service
  • Complaint management
  • Market research
  • Public opinion research
  • Order management
  • Telephone number information
  • Emergency services
  • Sales

Call Center Software

A call center software is a computer program which supports the employees of a call center in the acquisition and administration of customer data. A well-functioning call center software ensures a smooth process and guarantees an effective service. The software supports the processing of sales calls and the acquisition of new customers.

The software solutions vary from provider to provider and can be individually adapted to the needs of the respective call center.


Clairvoyance is a form of fortune telling that cannot be learned. A clairvoyant acts as a mediator between the here and now and the supernatural, a cosmic level. As a medium, a clairvoyant is fully involved with the person seeking advice in a consultation. The medium receives either words or sounds without actually being able to perceive them acoustically. It sees an event in the form of pictures or a film taking place in front of its inner eye or it perceives emotions and vibrations, which it then analyses and passes on accordingly.


Carrier is a commonly used term for network operators. These network operators are telecommunications companies that have their own networks, switching facilities or network management systems. Carriers (network operators) operate at least three switching paths, which are connected to each other via an exchange. The network operators can be divided into global, national, regional and city network carriers according to their geographical coverage.


In the telecommunications industry, it refers to the content or topics of telephone/consulting conversations. Every industry needs a suitable solution, both in terms of the appropriate telephone / hotline and in the area of consulting. For example, the “content” of a legal advice hotline differs considerably from that of technical advice. In different industries, such as adult entertainment, a distinction is made between recorded and live content.


Conversion in online marketing is a process in which the website visitor is guided from a simple visit to a concrete action. FOR EXAMPLE: A visit leads to an order.

CORAZÓN Carrier Service

CORAZÓN is specialized in individual service packages, extensive technical integration as well as wholesale service and price transparency in order to stand out from the pool of service providers and carriers. We provide you with all solutions in the field of communication and service packages individually tailored to your needs.

CORAZÓN’s carrier services are well designed and customer-oriented solution packages whose advantages have already convinced numerous customers. If you need more information, we will be happy to advise you. To contact us directly, you can either use our contact form or phone number 0611 – 3346 750.


CPA = Cost per acquisition

CPA is a bidding method that allows you to determine the amount you are willing to pay for a Conversion  in a web analysis tool.


DirectDial or DDI

DirectDial or DDI (direct dial in) refers to an extension number that allows the extension of a telephone system to be reached directly via public telephone networks. The inquiry location is thus bypassed and the extension number is the final part of the telephone number.


E Payment

E payment is the “online payment” on the Internet or also “e-money” is the third form of money besides the central bank money and the book money of the commercial banks. In any case, e-money must be distinguished from electronic access procedures to bank deposits (such as debit or credit card payments).

Email to SMS

Email to SMS refers to the process of sending an email that is displayed in the shortest possible time, both on the mobile phone (as SMS) and on the computer. The email is converted to SMS or vice versa – depending on your needs.

Email to SMS eases the company organization

You can easily and conveniently set up a team list with all your company email addresses and mobile phone numbers on the gateway. As soon as a member of your team is contacted, he or she will automatically receive the messages via email and SMS within seconds.



A freephone service number is a telephone number that is free of charge for the caller (0800). This service is also called “green number” in some countries. Internationally, the English term “toll-free number” is usually used. In Germany, Freecall is mainly used by Deutsche Telekom, as they have reserved the brand name for their own freephone service. Freephone numbers were introduced in the USA by AT&T in the 1960s.


GEO phone number

A geographical telephone number is a telephone number with a local network reference. This means, for example, a number starting with 030 belongs to the local network Berlin, 069 to the local network Frankfurt, etc. So-called geographical telephone numbers can also be provided with all the functionalities of an intelligent network. In order to get such a number assigned, one needs a corresponding company headquarters or a registration address in the corresponding city.

Are you interested in a geographical telephone number? Then click here.

Global number

This is the term for service numbers worldwide. Different rules apply in each country, which can be obtained from the appropriate authority (in Germany this is the Bundesnetzagentur.). You can find all detailed information here.



Usually the homepage is the start page of a web appearance – thus the central starting point for the internet presence. However, often the complete page is also called the homepage in linguistic usage.


IVR - Interactive Voice Response

IVR-Systems or audiotext platforms are voice dialog systems / voice computers that are able to accept a large number of calls simultaneously and automatically and to process them intelligently. Callers can therefore conduct partially or fully automated natural language dialogues via telephone or other audible media.

IVR – Systems consist of the following components:

  • Voice recognition
  • Voice synthesis
  • Business logic


Junk Calls

“Junk calls” are so-called “fun calls” from people who are not interested in the company’s services or products, but who spend their time with such calls. The number of junk calls is particularly high for toll-free numbers and can lead to considerable additional costs.

0800 phone numbers, for example, can be protected from unwanted “junk calls” by a blacklist .



Live Content

Basically, all information transmitted by our call agents is direct/live information (live content). With our partners we offer for example Live Content for esotericism / astrology, eroticism and dating. In contrast to live content, recorded content comes pre-produced from tape (or hard disk).

MABEZ – mass calls for a specific time

Mass calls or so-called telephone chains dial a large number of previously defined telephone numbers at the same time. Depending on availability, the telephone calls are handled automatically via pre-defined voice modules or voice messages.


Mobile Banking

Mobile banking (M-Banking, mBanking) is to be interpreted similarly to the generic term “mobile commerce”. Banking transactions are carried out via mobile devices. There is also the possibility to carry out mobile banking via applications and widgets or to access a mobile version of the banking software directly via the respective browser.

Mobile banking usually consists of three applications:

  • Mobile-Accounting
  • Mobile-Brokerage
  • Mobile-Financial-Information-Services

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce, MC) refers to electronic commerce via wireless communication using mobile devices. In order to carry out business transactions in return for a service, mobile end devices are used as transaction carriers. The primary technologies used are mobile radio, wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing refers to marketing activities using wireless telecommunications and mobile devices. The aim is to reach potential customers as directly as possible and thus create an incentive to buy.
Mobile marketing is any type of business activity in which the providers bring their services and content to the customer via the mobile devices and thus attract attention, which ultimately and ideally leads to a sale or payment transaction.

The digital contents are mostly

  • Games
  • Music
  • Videos
  • News
  • Product information
  • Shop services
  • Video streaming

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are flexible and secure billing methods for the sale of digital goods on the Internet (WAP or Web billing). The billing is done via the normal mobile phone bill.
There are two ways of using mobile billing:

Mobile Payments via WAP Portal (WAP=“wireless application protocol”)

You offer your customers mobile payments via a mobile website and within an app. You want to provide your end customers with a mobile-based payment method. This service includes, for example

  • Parking tickets
  • Chat Rooms
  • Ringtones
  • News subscription
  • In-App purchases
  • Erotic services

The customer first receives an external WAP page on his mobile phone, which informs him of any costs incurred. Here the customer is asked whether he wants to call up the service as a user. If he answers “Yes” in the portal, he triggers the payment and is forwarded to the actual service offer.

Mobile Payments via PIN (Web-Billing)

Purchases on an online portal can also be paid via the mobile phone bill (regardless of whether it is a contract or prepaid mobile phone). Here, after entering the mobile phone number, your end customer receives an SMS with a code (PIN), which he enters in the designated field on your website. With this, he gives the authorization to trigger the billing process.

Mobile Wallet

“Mobile Wallet” or also “Future Wallet” describes an application that turns the mobile phone into a technically designed wallet. The user interface is uniformly designed analogous to a physical wallet with a large number of different cards representing the various payment and authentication services in the mobile wallet.

Paying by smartphone is becoming more and more popular and will therefore be more present among potential customers in the future.


NGN (Next Generation Access Network)

A next generation network is a packet-based network that can be used for both telephony and data and that supports mobility. Initially, the term Next Generation Network was used to refer to the transformation of the core network to IP. Sometimes a NGN is referred to as an all-IP network.


Offline Billing

Offline billing” is a specific procedure for billing added value services. The carrier to which the added-value service number in question (0900) is connected is responsible for the billing and collection of charges for fixed-link connections. The actual costs for a call on such an added value number are reported to the billing companies, sometimes with a considerable time delay, due to their free choice of tariffs between EUR 0 – 3 per minute and EUR 0 – 10 per call.

Online Billing

The term “Online Billing” is related to E Payment, Mobile Banking and Mobile Commerce. Online Billing is also about paying for goods and services on the web. Different payment methods and payment systems are offered, these are called “Billing Services” or “Billing Systems”.

The different billing systems range from conventional, classic payment methods by direct debit, bank transfer, cash on delivery or credit card and PayPal to modern approaches of online direct debit (OLV) with encrypted SSL protocol.

Get an overview of the most common online billing methods in the payment portfolio of CORAZÓN.

In the added-value service number range, the term online billing is also used for all numbers that are billed with a fixed tariff. (e.g. 0180/0137…) 


“Outbound” refers to the targeted contact with the customer. In this case, the call center employees call potential customers and existing customers. These may be telephone marketing campaigns or market research campaigns.


Payment Service Provider

Payment Service Provider (short PSP) is the name of the provider who manages the payment methods and payment processes for others. For online merchants or e-business operators, it makes sense to save themselves a lot of effort and commission a payment service provider to process and monitor payments.

A recommendable Payment Service Provider offers a wide range of payment options and is always adapted to the current market development with its solutions. In addition, he should provide his customers with simple API interfaces and, if possible, individual tools for different needs and always ensure a smooth and encrypted payment process.

Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions is the umbrella term for all payment options offered. CORAZÓN’s payment services offer you numerous billing options. The greater the choice of payment options, the higher the turnover is usually. Find out here about the Payment Solutions portfolio from CORAZÓN.


If you transfer a phone number from one provider to another one, this phone number is “ported”. You can also carry/port a phone number in mobile telephony. This ensures that you keep your phone number despite changing providers.

Premium Rate

Premium Rate are 0900 numbers which can cause relatively high costs for the caller. The number owner or the provider of the dialed service can determine between 0 and 3 euros/minute which costs he charges the caller. However, the caller in Germany must be informed, free of charge, about the tariff to be paid from national public fixed networks.

Premium SMS

Our CORAZÓN SMS Premium Service is the easiest way to bill services such as ringtones, logos, votings, flirt lines etc. via SMS. Premium SMS is used particularly frequently by young target groups, as it is a simple and fast payment method. This SMS payment service runs via a code that is sent to the user.

SMS Payment made easy with CORAZÓN Premium SMS

This payment method has been in existence for about 15 years. Amounts paid with this method are charged directly to the mobile phone bill. Premium SMS as a payment method is not only accessible to every mobile phone owner, it also reduces the risk of data theft in the network during payment transactions. If you would like to learn more about CORAZÓN’s Premium SMS services, you can find out more information here: CORAZÓN SMS Premium Service 



QR is the abbreviation for the English terms Quick Response. The QR code is a two-dimensional code developed by the Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994. It consists of a square matrix of black and white squares that represent the encoded data in binary form. A special marking in three of the four corners of the square gives the orientation. It is now used by many companies to transmit encrypted data. Examples of applications are: Reading tickets via a mobile device (airline, train, concert tickets, etc.), address information of a company, product information, and much more.

> Pay-By-Link Solution



Routing: Forwarding, switching. In the field of telecommunications, a common term for the forwarding of calls to a specific destination. For example, when a value added number in the 0800 range is connected, all calls can be routed to a call center.


Service number

Service numbers have been an elementary part of customer service for many years. Due to the wide range of service numbers, a tailor-made solution can be found for every company. Each service number offers different advantages. With the help of a CORAZÓN service number customized for your business / industry, you too can benefit from these advantages.

Service number 0137

Telephone numbers from the 0137 range differ significantly from all other service numbers. Numbers from this range are ordered directly via the respective carrier/service provider and do not have to be applied for in advance by the service provider via the Federal Network Agency. 0137 numbers are mainly known from TV shows where they are often used for voting purposes. Through its use, the 0137 service number contributes significantly to the annual profit of private television stations.

These numbers are only suitable for voting and lottery services.

Possible uses for the 0137 number:

  • TV call-in shows
  • TV contests
  • Voting actions
  • Tele Dialog (TED)

Service number 0180

Phone numbers from the range 0180 are used, for example, for telephone orders or for service hotlines. The advantage compared to a common telephone number for companies is that all calls can be intelligently routed / forwarded. For example, an order hotline can send all calls during the day to a call center in Berlin, while the night shift works in an office in Munich and another call center in Hamburg is available as capacity for a very high call volume. This “intelligent routing” is also possible with other numbers, such as the free 0800 numbers.

With 0180 service numbers, the caller and the called party share the connection charges. Hence the term “shared cost-number”. With the 0180 service number, your company can be reached from the fixed or mobile network throughout Germany. Also the accessibility from the European foreign countries is usually possible. However, these costs differ from the German tariffs. Due to an amendment to the German Telecommunications Act on 27 October 2011, chargeable upstream queue loops are no longer permitted since mid-2012. As a result, the 0180 number range has often been replaced by a geographical number.

Fields of application of a 0180 telephone number:

  • Service support
  • Information services
  • Order hotlines
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Lotteries
  • Other customer services

Service number 0800

Also see Freephone

What do you need to keep in mind with 0800 numbers?

  • All numbers starting with 0800 or 00800 are free of charge. It doesn’t matter from which network you dial the number or whether you call from your mobile phone, a public phone or a fixed line. The costs are always carried by the provider of this number.
  • This free offer considerably increases customer contacts and the general willingness to make contact. Customer service is the top priority for numbers in this area.
  • German 0800 numbers cannot be reached from abroad. If you want to be reachable from abroad, it is recommended to use an international 00800 number.

Possible use for the free 0800 number:

  • Service support
  • Information services
  • Order hotlines
  • Promotional actions
  • other customer services

0800 number request – quick provision by CORAZÓN

To request your personal 0800 number, simply contact CORAZÓN. Not only will you get a free 0800 number for your customers, you will also receive intelligent routing for your connections. In addition, the CORAZÓN team will make sure that your number is provided and activated quickly.

Service number 0900

0900 numbers are flexible in pricing. This means that calls made via such a number can be priced individually. However, in order to comply with legal requirements, a call may cost a maximum of 3 euros per minute or 10 euros per call (regardless of the length of the call). So it can come to substantial price differences with the providers of 0900 numbers.

The 0900 service number is a successor to the former 0190 number range, which was discontinued after several years of profitable operation and is no longer available. The 0900 as a replacement, is characterized above all by a particularly flexible pricing and is also accessible from all over Germany.

The application for such a number is made via the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) and must be submitted by the service provider itself. The BNetzA keeps a register of all assigned telephone numbers in this area, including provider data.

Possible applications of 0900 service numbers:

  • Chargeable order hotlines
  • Technical support service
  • Ticket reservation (e.g. cinema, theatre, festival, etc.)
  • Sales promotions
  • Adult entertainment
  • Legal advice hotlines
  • other premium information services

How can you set up a 0900 number?

To set up your personal 0900 number, simply contact CORAZÓN. Not only will you get a 0900 number tailored to your business, but you will also receive 24 hour service support. In addition, the CORAZÓN team will ensure that your 0900 number is provided and activated quickly. Setting up a 0900 number is easy and convenient with CORAZÓN.

Service number range

Basically every area code defines a phone number range. 0611 for example, the area code for our home address in Wiesbaden, is just as much a phone number range as 0900, the area code for premium rate phone numbers.


SLA is the abbreviation for Service Level Agreement and describes a kind of extended service description for a product or technical solution.

This document often contains the following components: scope of services, reaction times and speed of processing. A typical example is the operation of servers, which is to be guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a failure rate of, for example, a maximum of 0.1% per year and a response time of 30 minutes after notification of damage from an external service provider.

Smartphone Apps / Mobile Apps

Smartphone apps (“application software”) are mobile application software programs that can be installed on smartphones. They are usually used to edit or support a useful or desired non-system functionality.

These apps are used for example in the following application areas:

  • Bank account management
  • Insurance as a communication platform
  • Computer games
  • Spreadsheets
  • Tourism as a booking portal
  • Certain business functions such as financial accounting, dispatching etc.


SMS is the abbreviation for Short Message Service and is a telecommunications service for transmitting text messages via mobile devices to the display of another mobile device. It was first developed for the GSM segment and is also available in various countries in the fixed network as a fixed line SMS. Additional services can be connected via SMS gateways.


CORAZÓN offers various possibilities of customer contact and customer services via SMS. Take advantage of the following offers, for example:

SMS Service provider

As an SMS service provider we offer you modern and up-to-date solutions for your mobile communication. You can choose between different mobile offers and services and thus find a solution tailored to your needs. Our SMS services vary from offer to offer and are designed to react flexibly to ensure a targeted and increased customer loyalty.

The suitable SMS service

CORAZÓN offers you various possibilities of SMS services. Simply choose from our range of SMS services tailored to your needs and benefit from our first-class service.

We are your competent and inexpensive service provider for sending SMS messages.

SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway allows you to send and receive SMS messages even without a mobile phone.

There are several ways to send an SMS message without a mobile phone:

Send (Gateways to SMS)

  • Web service to SMS
  • HTTP-request to SMS
  • SMPP to SMS
  • E-mail to SMS

Receive (SMS to Gateway)

  • SMS to e-mail
  • SMS to fixed network


Tele sales

Telesales refers to a form of direct sales in which the required partial steps of a contract are carried out partially or completely over the telephone. The sale is carried out either by employees directly employed by the company or by a designated call centre.


UIFN (universal international freephone number)

This is the name for an internationally freephone service number (00800), which can be activated for almost all countries in the world. However, each country must be unlocked individually if required.

Unified Messaging

This term refers to a method of converting incoming and outgoing messages in any form (e.g. voice mail, e-mail, fax, SMS, MMS, etc.) into a uniform format and providing the user with access to these messages via a variety of devices (fixed or mobile telephone, e-mail client). With VoIP, the old ISDN standard could become redundant in the future. However, the changeover will be very slow, as providers currently still have to offer both standards.


Voice Dialogue

The CORAZÓN voice dialog system or IVR system (interactive voice response) enables the respective caller to conduct partially or fully automated natural language dialogs via telephone or other audio media. The IVR system also enables voice to be used as an additional input/output medium in addition to keyboard, mouse and monitor.

The application types of the voice dialogs, can be technically divided into:

  • Pure voice services: offer only interaction via voice (example: caller: “I want to change my tariff.”- Answer of the voice dialog system: “Which of our current tariffs would you like to change to. Please say either ‘tariff extra non-stop’ or ‘tariff extra card’.”)
  • Multi-modular applications: combine voice interaction with other input/output media (example: “For sales please press ‘1’, for service please press ‘2’, …”)

Advantages of a speech dialog:

  • The hands and the eyes remain free (improves ergonomics and process time).
  • Language is directly human accessible (larger qualification measures and longer training periods for surface operation are not necessary).
  • The requirements for the end device are low (a telephone or headset with a good microphone is sufficient).
  • All information elements can be accessed directly (no tedious going through hierarchical menus and long lists).
  • Visual tasks require high attention. Dialogues can be conducted practically “on the fly at the same time”.

VoIP (voice over ip)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. The terms Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service specifically refer to the provisioning of communications services (voice, fax, SMS, voice-messaging) over the public Internet, rather than via the public switched telephone network (PSTN), also known as plain old telephone service (POTS).



If you want your telephone number to be accessible only to a certain group of people, you can create a so-called whitelist. This contains the telephone numbers that are allowed to reach you. The opposite of a whitelist is a blacklist.


Workflow stands for business process. It can mean a workflow in computer programs, as well as a procedure or business process in a company or an authority with the aim of achieving the greatest possible efficiency.



Name for a social network primarily in the professional environment ( Here people can store profiles and link to other profiles/persons. This can often lead to new business contacts. A Xing membership is free of charge, but can also be subject to a fee. With a paid membership, one benefits from various additional functions, such as the offer of many additional link profiles.


XBIZ is a publishing company specializing in the publication of business news and information in the erotic industry. In addition to its website, an industry magazine is published every two months. Furthermore, XBiz organizes various community meetings.



YouTube is a US video portal founded in 2005 to view, rate, comment and upload video clips for free. All kinds of videos are available here. Many companies now use Youtube to upload company videos at low cost and link them to their own websites. Own channels and advertising models are also possible via a Youtube partner program.