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Bulk SMS


Bulk SMS mass distribution

With our advanced messaging platform you can send SMS to your customers, suppliers, business partners and employees quickly and easily. And this is how it works:
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Load your files in different formats. (e.g. CSV or text file) via our bulk access online or enter individual target numbers directly.

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Enter the desired text, personalize your messages if required and schedule the delivery if desired.
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Send thousands of messages with just one click in just a few seconds.





Business SMS

Application examples

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Booking confirmations

Save yourself long and unnecessary paper printouts and send booking confirmations simply and conveniently via SMS. At the airport, train station or hotel, the confirmation code is often all you need to check in. This method is also recommended for car rental and is already widely used.
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Mobile marketing

Whether apps, download links or mobile internet pages, you can send all this information easily and conveniently to your contact addresses via the BULK solution. This way your customers and interested parties receive information even faster, since nowadays the main communication takes place via mobile phone.
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SMS Newsletter

If as company you want to keep your customers informed about upcoming events, new products, updates, discount campaigns, etc. Then the BULK-SMS is exactly the adequate medium. Send small newsletter information simply and conveniently via this method.
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Weather warning

In the meantime, there are more and more storms that brew together at short notice. Especially thunderstorms are very difficult to predict in advance. For a large target group such as tourist centres, hotels, event agencies, etc. the current weather situation is very important. Here, an SMS solution set up in advance can be very helpful.
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Logistics optimization

More and more products are now transported from one place to another by truck. The orders have to be carried out faster and faster. Keep up with the times and send your orders to your truck drivers via the SMS-BULK gateway without any roaming costs, even when the driver is abroad.
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Vouchers via SMS

Vouchers, such as discount campaigns for a specific product or a pre-categorized service, can also be sent to your regular customers easily and conveniently with the help of a corresponding TAN code.
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Financial service

Information about the current account balance via SMS – why not? Do you plan appointments with your customers? Notify them again 1 day in advance of the planned appointment via SMS and increase your participation rate of the scheduled appointments.
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SMS surveys

Feedback about new products, attended meetings or dialogues is more and more important in today’s world. Increase your customer or employee satisfaction by sending surveys via SMS in real time and evaluating them directly via a list.