Professional applications

Pay By Phone

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High payout

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Secure system

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High conversion

Payment by telephone

up to 0 % payout

for fixed and mobile networks

Pay by Phone can be used worldwide in about 25 countries as an anonymous payment method. About one third of their service users do not want to disclose personal data to pay for a digital service. With Pay by Phone you don’t have to miss out on this revenue. Hardly any other payment method is as anonymous and yet flexible. This means that billing can be either time-based per minute, event-based via dropcharge tariffs or a combination of both.

Payment options and

application examples

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Live access

Pay and use

Use of the service while maintaining a telephone connection charged per minute (rates from 0 to 2.99 euros/minute are possible) Ideal for games, live chats and live cam services.
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Credit Access

Firt pay, then use

Use of the service is only possible after payment or buying and uploading credits. The amounts are freely adjustable and selectable here. Ideal for digital goods such as online gaming, videos, pictures, database queries, etc.

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Password access

For one-time login

The service should only be activated for a specific period. Therefore the user receives a generated password, which is valid for the given time. Ideal for daily use or test access. In some countries, the password can also be attached directly to the number as an extension. This can reduce the termination rate.