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0900 service numbers offer the possibility of billing services provided over the telephone directly via premium rate numbers. The caller does not have to register in advance, remains anonymous and is automatically billed via the telephone bill. The numbers can be reached from all networks throughout Germany. The tariffing can either be charged per minute (up to max. 3, – euro) or per call (up to 30, – euro). The fixed network tariff can be freely selected, and various mobile phone clusters are available from the mobile network.
Number range Usage
Service numbers for information (legal advice, news, weather etc.)
Entertainment (also astro services)
Other services (chat and dating lines, so-called adult entertainment)


If you decide to use a 0900 number for payed services, the procedure is as follows.
After we have received your request, the following questions must be answered in order to prepare an offer:
  • Which service do you want to charge by telephone? What exactly do you offer?
  • With which tariff from the fixed network should the 0900 number be set up?
  • Which mobile network cluster is desired?
  • Where should the number be routed to?
  • What should happen if the number is busy or if the call is not answered?
  • What is the expected monthly volume?
  • Do you need additional features or web tools?
For the sake of simplicity, these points should be discussed over the phone after receiving your request, and any questions you may have could be answered directly. Of course you can also provide us with the information in the message field of the offer form. Click on the following link to receive an offer from Corazón”.
  1. To apply for an 0900 number, you can either fill out the application form directly online using this link or download it here and fill it out by hand.
    Please note: In both cases, the form must be printed out, signed by hand and sent to the BNetzA by fax or post together with the necessary documents.
  2. Sole proprietors/natural persons must enclose a copy of their identity card or passport with their application. Legal entities and partnerships must provide an extract from the commercial register.
  3. The correct content identification or number range 1, 3, or 5 depends on the type of service offered:
    • 0900-1 : Service number for information (IT or legal advice, customer service, etc.)
    • 0900-3 : Entertainment (also astro-services)
    • 0900-5 : Other services (chat and dating lines, so-called adult entertainment)
  4. If you would like to apply for a preferred telephone number, please look first at the list of assigned numbers, which you can find here. Otherwise, you will be assigned any number. You can find all information on how to fill out the application form in the information sheet of the Bundesnetzagentur hier.

As soon as all the details mentioned in section 1 have been clarified and the allocation notification for the 0900 number from the BNetzA has been received, you can order the number via Corazón. The following documents and information are required for this:

  • Signed offer with all pages scanned
  • Completely filled out customer master data sheet
  • Notification of allocation by the Bundesnetzagentur
  • Extract from the commercial register (for partnerships or corporations)
  • For sole proprietorship, business registration, chamber registration or registration as merchant as well as identity card or passport (front and back scanned, not photographed)
  • VAT identification number
  • Specifying the desired tariff from the fixed network
  • Specifying the mobile network cluster
  • Specification of the destination number or a routing plan


If you would like to know how much you will be paid out for 0900 numbers for calls from fixed lines, simply use our 0900 payout calculator. No matter whether you want to know the minute rate (up to a maximum of €3) or the cost per call (up to a maximum of €30), simply enter the desired end customer rate here and you will get your payout. Please note that the end customer tariff always includes VAT and your payout is shown as net amount.

Simply enter the desired charges for your 0900 number from the fixed network:

End customer rate




0900 numbers are the successors of the earlier 0190 numbers. They are mainly used for value-added telephone services, i.e. paid services that are billed directly via the 0900 service number.
A service number is a telephone number for specific service areas or services. Other known service numbers are 0800, 0180 or 0137 numbers.
Anyone, whether a private person or a company, can request an 0900 service number. If the place of residence or company headquarters is abroad, a German authorized recipient to whom the notification of allocation can be sent must be specified in the application.
An 0900 service number is applied for at the BNetzA. You can obtain the application form from Corazon or directly from the BNetzA website

The digits after the “area code” 0900 identifies the content of the offered service.

0900-1 Information services (e.g. IT, legal, support or customer services)

0900-3 Entertainment (e.g. astro-services)

0900-5 Other services (e.g. adult entertainment)

From the receipt of the fully completed application with all necessary documents, the allocation usually takes 8-10 working days. The allotment notice is sent by mail.
Setting up the number including activation in the fixed network and in all mobile networks normally takes 3 to 5 working days.
This depends on the tariff the number is set up with and from which network or from which connection the number is called. A distinction is made between calls from the fixed network and mobile network. From the fixed network, the set tariff is charged per minute or per call and from the mobile network the price is charged depending on the mobile network cluster and mobile network operator.
The caller rate of a 0900 number can be freely configured from the fixed network within certain limits. A maximum of 3.00 € per minute or a maximum of 30.00 € per call may be charged. The respective price is announced free of charge at the beginning of the call.
In order to bring all mobile network operators (T-Mobile, Vodafone and Telefonica) and all contract models (prepaid, term contract) under one roof, mobile clusters were introduced. There are a total of 9 different clusters from 00, 10, 20 to 80. By deciding on a cluster, you as a provider determine your payout uniformly from all mobile networks. In contrast to the fixed network, only minute rates can be billed here.
For any type of application for the 0900 number (whether verbal or written), a tariff must be mentioned in direct connection with the number. With a tariff of for example 1.99 €/min. from the fixed network (no matter which mobile phone cluster) the correct cost indication is: 1.99 € per minute from the German fixed network, mobile phone prices deviate. Abbreviations are possible.
The payout depends on the established fixed network tariff and mobile phone cluster and is individually agreed with your network operator or service provider. As a rule, you can calculate with approx. 90% of the net end customer tariff from the fixed network – unsecured. Depending on the mobile phone cluster, the secured payout is between 0.09 €/min. and 1.30 €/min.
Provider remuneration from the fixed network is always unsecured, which means that in the case of non-payment (callers do not pay their bill), the corresponding amounts are subsequently charged back. You as the provider bear the payment risk.
The provider remuneration from the mobile network is secured, which means that you will always receive your agreed payment in full. In the event of payment defaults, these will be borne by the mobile network operator. Therefore, your payout from the mobile network is also significantly lower in relation to the end customer tariff.
Payment losses from the fixed network will be charged back to you as a provider with the upcoming bill. The outstanding receivables are automatically followed up by the network operator/provider. The process goes from reminders to collection measures to recover the outstanding amounts subsequently.
Usually, 0900 numbers are billed approximately two to three weeks after the end of the month. Payment is always made 6 weeks after the end of the billing month.
The 0900 number is set up directly with the network operator and routed to the destination of your choice. The destination can be a fixed network or mobile phone number. Routing via VoIP is also possible.
The legislator has clearly regulated the costs for calls in the Telecommunications Act. For example, holding queues for 0900 numbers may only be used if a fixed price applies for the entire call, or if the holding queue is free of charge for the caller.