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Premium rate

Service number

0900 service numbers offer the possibility of billing services provided over the telephone directly via premium rate numbers. The caller does not have to register in advance, remains anonymous and is automatically billed via the telephone bill. The numbers can be reached from all networks throughout Germany. The tariffing can either be charged per minute (up to max. 3, – euro) or per call (up to 30, – euro). The fixed network tariff can be freely selected, and various mobile phone clusters are available from the mobile network.
Number range Usage
Service numbers for information (legal advice, news, weather etc.)
Entertainment (also astro services)
Other services (chat and dating lines, so-called adult entertainment)



  • Setup and activation of the 0900 service number
  • Classic forwarding via PSTN or VoIP to one or more termination numbers
  • Provision of comprehensive online statistics
  • Provision of an online routing tool for independent control of call forwarding
  • Customer service and complaint management
  • Solutions for the use of a free holding queue
  • Blacklisting to avoid high losses and reduction of chargebacks
  • Extensive receivables management
  • Possibility to extend your telephone number by up to 3 digits
  • Optional: linking of the number with IVR services, ACD functionalities, call centres or call tracking
  • JunkCall protection to avoid "fun" calls and misuse