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Local service number

Geo + 058

Geographical telephone numbers are not only suitable for regional offers, but can also be used nationwide and can be reached internationally. They are the simplest and cheapest way to enjoy all the advantages of a classic service number.
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Freephone service number


0800 service numbers are free of charge for callers from both fixed and mobile networks, making it the most customer-friendly number range. The numbers can be reached throughout Switzerland and are usually used as customer or support hotlines.
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Premium rate service number


090x service numbers offer the possibility of billing services provided over the telephone directly via premium rate numbers. The caller does not have to register in advance, remains anonymous and is automatically billed via the telephone bill.

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Shared cost service number


For 084x service numbers, the caller and the service provider share the costs of the call and the service behind it. Hence the term shared cost service number. The costs depend on the respective tariff ranges. The numbers can also be reached from abroad.