Pay By Link


Accept payments

without need of a website / online shop

It’s not because you don’t have an online shop or website that you cannot receive online payments. With our professional solution you can send a payment request link manually or automatically to your customers. The options and possibilities are limitless. 

You can send the payment link or QR code via the following channels:


Send a mail to your customers with a payment link via mail.


Automatically send payment links via Whatsapp


Send a payment request or reminder via SMS


Integrate on every digital or paper invoice a payment link or QR code

Test it


Enter your e-mail address here. You will receive a DEMO-invoice incl. payment link by mail.

checkout page

According to your corporate identity

The checkout page can be personalised within a few clicks by just uploading your logo and a preferred background.

Disregarding if you customer clicks on the link or scans the QR code, your personalised payment page will open on the computer, tablet or smartphone.

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no website required

Since the online payment is directly connected to a payment gateway, you don’t need a website to be able to receive payments.

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Fast payment

The simplified payment process enables faster payment by the customer. Statistically more than 80% of your payment requests are paid within 12 hours.
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High success rate

Providing a choice of several payment methods automatically leads to a higher conversion rate, as customers prefer certain payment methods.

Payment methods

For the payment of invoices, your customers can choose between the most common payment methods.


Depending on which solution you have chosen, the payment link can be created or integrated either directly in the dashboard or via the API.


Secure each transaction with a liability shift and reduce fraud with strong customer authentication that’s already built into your link.


Does it work

The more payment options you make available to your customers to pay their debts, the higher the success rate and – more importantly – the faster you will be paid. With our professional application you can (automatically) create payment request links easily and safely.

The process works as follows:

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Generate payment link

Create the payment link directly in your dashboard or via the API
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Send / integrate link

Send the link manually via email, SMS, WhatsApp or automate the process via the API.
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Customer pays

Your customer clicks on the link or scans the QR code and pays on your payment page.