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Premium SMS

SMS to speed dial numbers

Payed per mobile phone

Premium SMS is a easy way to bill and pay for digital content or even votings, games or chat services. It is used via SMS to a five-digit mobile short code number and is usually accessible from all mobile networks. There are two ways to use these short codes:
Provider mobile service solutions - Premium SMS

Premium SMS


If you have your own exclusive short code, you will always receive all SMS sent to this five-digit short code. Regardless of whether the user spells the keyword correctly or not. The number can also be used for different services. Advantages:
  • No failure rate due to mistyping
  • Higher payout per SMS
  • Higher set-up costs and basic fees
  • more complex installation and authorisation procedures
  • Autonomous and flexible use of the number
  • Ideal for large SMS volumes as from 10,000 SMS/month

Premium SMS


Several operators share a short code, i.e. you rent a keyword, e.g. “CORAZON” on a shared premium number. This gives you the opportunity to offer and use premium SMS as a billing method without having to pay the full costs for your own shortcode. Advantages:
  • Lower set-up costs and basic fees
  • Faster provision of the number or keyword
  • Typos are misdirected
  • Lower payout per SMS
  • Optimal as an entry-level solution
  • Ideal for small and medium SMS volumes from 1,000 SMS/month
Provider mobile service solutions - Premium SMS



  • Setup and activation of the exclusive short code
  • Setup and activation of keywords on mobile speed dial numbers
  • Forwarding of incoming SMS messages to desired destinations, e.g. via http or as e-mail for further processing
  • Sending SMS or content according to your preferences
  • Provision of comprehensive evaluations and statistics



  • Short and memorable five-digit speed dial number
  • Fast and anonymous billing option
  • Addressable from all mobile devices via SMS
  • Large incoming and outgoing SMS volumes possible
  • Reachability of the shortcodes by telephone additionally possible