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Web ACD telephone system

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Multiple locations
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Service solution from the cloud— With our integrated, modular cloud telephone system, we support companies and contact centers with the ACD module for setting up and managing clients and internal direct dials and with the cloud module for call distribution and service processing across multiple locations. The integration of home offices is easily possible at any time.
Both modules can be flexibly activated and used individually or together as required.

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With the Web ACD, you can automatically distribute incoming calls and customer inquiries to the right group or the right employee. The solution allows you to respond flexibly, combining and leveraging existing capacity at individual locations to increase team utilization and efficiency and easily reach more customers.
The cloud telephone system always knows which clients are available or busy. Call forwarding and rerouting are easily possible.

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The Web ACD PBX provides high data security for your contact center operations. The combined web ACD telephone system meets the current state-of-the-art requirements for cloud-based system solutions in terms of transparency, security, quality and legal compliance.

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Real-time statistics and monitoring functions are integrated in the Web ACD telephone system. Analyze easily and directly availability, processing times, workloads etc. Determine general key figures or define individual key figures and evaluate them in real time with system support.

One system, all channels

The CORAZÓN Web ACD telephone system runs overlayed, location-independent in the cloud and can be combined and easily integrated with your existing telecommunications solutions and service systems. The technical requirements for setting up and providing and using the modular system solution are very low. If desired, the solution can also be used as a stand-alone solution and replacement for existing local ACD systems. The Web ACD can be easily linked and integrated with state-of-the-art multichannel / omnichannel service solutions such as Zendesk via standardized system interfaces.

It fits

With over 20 years of experience in the field of business communication and countless customer projects, we understand the general business needs of your branch. We support your communication projects and the integration of our Web ACD and Cloud PBX as your partner.


The price model and billing of the Web ACD telephone system is simple. In addition to a one-time provisioning fee and a monthly basic fee, only usage-related fees are charged.

Do the test

We are absolutely convinced of the simplicity and functionality of our Modular Web ACD telephone system. We provide the system free of charge in the context of a non-binding test installation and so that you can use and experience it live immediately.


System module

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Phone number management

One or any preferred phone number / service hotline can be stored in the system and managed online easily.

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Admin Tool

You can configure the system solution independently at any time via web access to the ACD and the Cloud telephone system. You can create individual, detailed user accounts for administrator, supervisor and agents via a master account and manage them online.

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Statistics tool

The web ACD telephone system currently provides 11 'state-of-the-art' statistics. In addition, individual statistics/evaluations can be defined. All statistics are available online or can be automatically forwarded by email.

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Online Monitor

With the web ACD's online monitor you always have complete information on the call situation, phone numbers, availability, response times, waiting times, capacity utilization and average processing times.

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Agent Management

In the web ACD, different skills can be defined and stored for agents. Individual agents can be assigned to one or more agent groups.

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Audiotext management

Audiotexts / voice files can be easily stored and managed in the system. These can be flexibly integrated into the service processing and call flow.

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Routing manager

For each telephone number/hotline an individual procedure for incoming calls can be defined with the help of the web ACD. The routing plan can be designed easily and intuitively via drag&drop. All common routing features such as choice menus, messages, voicemails, waiting queues etc. are already integrated and can be freely selected and configured.

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Call Recorder

Service conversations with customers can be recorded in the web ACD for quality assurance or verification purposes. Recordings can be flexibly restricted and started manually or automatically. A GDPR compliant processing can be ensured at any time.

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Queue manager

Fixed or dynamic queues as well as standardized or individual overflow controls, intros, music, announcements, voice mail, etc. can be set up and managed in the system.

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Agent Client

The agents work within the web ACD with a web-based user interface through which all settings and functions for processing customer service requests are available.