Astro portal – A look into the future!

Ashelka GmbH is one of the leading providers of telephone life counseling in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and relies on the CORAZÓN consultant portal solution for its expertCall brand.

For more than 15 years now, you can interpret the language of symbols with the help of card decks, pendulums, clairvoyance and many other techniques at and show tendencies and perspectives for the present and future.

“In CORAZÓN we have found a partner who meets our requirements for a full service and who actively supports us in individual project topics and implements changes and requirements in a timely and uncomplicated manner,” says Michael Kudal, Managing Director of Ashelka GmbH.
Ashelka not only benefits from our many years of know-how in the industry, but also from many individual details provided by the astro portal solution. Thus, not only are all common payments such as (credit card, PayPal, direct bank transfer, direct debit, Paysafecard, etc.) available, but it is also possible, for example, to plan appointments, control consultant activities, coordinate e-mail campaigns and automatically remind defaulting payers. The billing for all registered consultants can also be automatically controlled via the portal solution from CORAZÓN.
Customers of expertCall benefit from discount possibilities in the credit area, as well as regular promotions, such as the half-price campaign, where all consultants are available for a certain period of time at half-price. Especially on promotion days, the scheduling function of the consultant portal solution is very convenient.
“The world of astrology fascinates many people. Even though we have no scientific proof of its influence on our lives, there are many individual cases where prophecies have come true. We at CORAZÓN are proud to be able to link and support the virtual world of the stars with our virtual world of technology with our consultant portal solution,” says Frank Wagner, Managing Director of CORAZÓN.