Trade fair credits DMEA – AI-driven communication for medical practices and clinics

Health Care Phone Control
AI-controlled communication for medical practices and clinics

This was the slogan we used at this year’s DMEA from April 9-11. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many good and constructive discussions, summarize all the important information here again and give you a brief insight into the past days of the trade fair.

DMEA 24 - The review in one video!

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Health Care Phone Control - what is it?

The initial situation:

Many doctors’ surgeries and clinics work to the limit every day to protect the health and lives of our fellow human beings. Telephone availability and support play an immensely important role in this. In most cases, all calls are still put through directly to a member of staff in person. As a result, the phone rings non-stop. Due to the limited capacity, many callers receive a busy signal or are put on hold forever. Patients and staff are simply annoyed. As presented at DMEA 2024, Health Care Phone Control is the solution to this challenge.

Our solution in pictures:

llustrated user example for a call flow in a doctor's surgery:





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