Performance marketing 4.0 with Corazon Call Tracking

Optimize your online marketing by analysing calls

Contrary to widespread belief, calls are still very popular and the most widely used means of establishing contact, particularly in the area of sales and consultancy. Therefore, in practice they are often preferred to contact forms, chats, FAQ’s or searching for information on complex websites. It is therefore all the more important to be able to evaluate calls as part of your marketing success.

If you want to know how well your online campaigns work or how well your advertising performs in different media channels, it is essential to include calls as part of the customer journey.

The way it works:

Step 1 - Call

Every user on the website is shown an individual call tracking telephone number.

Step 2 - Processing

A call to this number is forwarded to the stored target number and at the same time the call tracking server automatically sends the corresponding information to Google Analytics

Step 3 - Analysis

Google Analytics assigns the call to the session. In this way, call information can be linked to other statistical data, such as keyword or source.


Corazon call tracking?