next id is now dtms

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With effect from 1 July this year, NextID GmbH merged with dtms GmbH under the brand “dtms“.

next id is our long-standing No.1 carrier partner in the field of service numbers and intelligent telecommunications solutions. Corazon also has a longstanding business relationship with dtms. We are delighted about the merger of both telecommunications carriers under the umbrella of MR Net Group Beteiligungs GmbH as a holding company and strategic, sustainable investor in the telecommunications sector.

Already in February 2020, both companies appeared together at the CCW in Berlin and presented their joint product portfolio on site.

In our opinion, the “new” telecommunications provider is now the leading specialist for service numbers and intelligent telecommunications solutions in Germany. Measured by the number of customers and turnover in this segment, dtms is in any case number 2 after Deutsche Telekom and now has 3 company locations – Mainz, Bonn and Hamburg, with Mainz being the company’s headquarters in our immediate neighbour city.

All of the contact persons at next id already known will remain in place. For our customers and partners, therefore, nothing changes apart from the company name. The customer invoices will now all be sent under the common dtms brand. The previously known bank details of the former next id will remain the same.

And the best thing is: We, the Corazon team, will continue to be there for you as usual and provide you with comprehensive support in all questions concerning telecommunications and payment solutions!