Sepa Express Direct Debit Plus

With Express Direct Debit Plus, the merchant has a simple, secure and cost-effective direct debit solution for the entire ‘SEPA’ area with more than 500 million bank accounts available for direct debit transactions in EUR & GBP. Express Direct Debit Plus handles withdrawals directly to your bank account, just like a merchant handling credit card funds.


Identification of the account holder

The risk of identity fraud is drastically reduced because only the account holder can complete the purchase.


Balance Check

Express Debit Plus performs a credit check based on the information available. This avoids failed debits due to insufficient credit and incorrect or closed accounts, thereby reducing the chargeback rate by two thirds.


Less personal data

The first choice when it comes to compliance with data protection guidelines in accordance with the GDPR.


On the safe side with SEPAexpress accounts in EUR

We process transactions in EUR for traders throughout Europe. For direct debits, we provide specially set up SEPAexpress accounts. From there we transfer the funds directly to your bank account, comparable to the process for credit card payments.



The SEPAexpress payment method is suitable for all industries. With us as your partner, high risk business is no longer a risk. We minimise your payment default risk and, if you wish, even take over the entire residual risk.