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Turn your customer dialogue into a perfect service for your callers. With Dialog Control, we provide you with a simple and intelligent toolbox that makes it easy for you to optimally meet the diverse customer demands on your customer service.

The browser-based dialogue control tool simply interacts with your existing technology. You can quickly and flexibly connect all your locations and also home office workplaces virtually. All your employees need at their workplaces or at home is a PC or laptop with an internet connection and a telephone or mobile phone.

To use the intelligent service tool, your employees simply register online with Dialog Control and can then be reached as usual at your extension for incoming calls, regardless of whether they are in the office on site or at their home office or on the road if necessary. For outgoing calls, the direct extension number of the employee’s extension, your home number or your switched service hotline can be transmitted.

Central hotline services and service areas can be easily integrated into the tool and, if necessary, further simplified and optimised.






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