TC and mobile phone providers Receivables Direct Servicing

In cooperation between ttUnited and CORAZÓN, a best practice solution for receivables management was created for telecommunications and mobile phone providers:
  • through the integration of the Contact Service system solution ttCall and our direct payment solution
  • through the project-related coordination and adaptation of call center/customer-specific service masks for receivables management – with the help of a renowned expert
  • by creating special workflows and discussion guidelines for the servicing of open customer receivables
Outstanding receivables can be clarified directly in the customer service contact and payments can be processed immediately in real time. For the industry reference customers, this leads to increased payment rates, higher cash flow, lower process costs, improved service processing, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and higher customer sales

The procedure

How does it work

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Customer call

Your customer calls customer support with questions regarding services or the contract.
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Your customer service agent sees all master data of the customer as well as information on open receivables.
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Open claims

Due to open invoices, individual functions or services may be restricted.
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Customer dialogue guideline

Special, tailored discussion guidelines help to persuade the debtor to pay directly.

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Send payment link by agent

The debtor can use a link (sent by SMS, e-mail or other methods) to pay immediately using various payment options.

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Close the case

The payment information flows in real time, all functions can be activated and additional services can be provided immediately.
Result: satisfied customers through direct customer service support
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With over 20 years of experience in business communication, contact center servicing and payment solutions and countless customer projects, we understand the general business needs of your industry and already know a lot of individual needs. We support your customer service projects and the integration of our Direct Debt Servicing solution in cooperation with ttUnited as your project partner.

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The pricing model and billing of the receivables direct servicing solution is simple. In addition to a one-time provision fee, a monthly basic fee, only usage-related fees are charged. The individual adaptation and integration effort is determined by your system/communication infrastructure. We would be pleased to discuss your individual requirements and provide you with a suitable offer.
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We are absolutely convinced of the simplicity and functionality of our debt collection direct servicing solution. We would be happy to set up the solution for you free of charge as part of a non-binding test, so that you can use and experience it live.