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An international supplier of computers and electronic devices uses international service numbers for its customers worldwide as customer service / support hotlines with the help of CORAZÓN. The numbers of the country-specific customer service hotlines for a product are printed in the operating instructions and package information of the devices. They are also listed on the country-specific websites of the supplier or published and communicated as contact information.

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Hotline/service calls are routed to a local service centre on the 1st level for each product and country and then connected to the provider’s central service centre on the 2nd level. In other cases, customer service for individual countries is handled centrally in the customer’s international, multilingual service centre in Germany. Calls are routed via VOIP or PSTN. The routing of calls to other locations is optimized within the network.

The welcome message, pre-qualification of the callers and the respective service cases is automated on an interactive dialogue platform in the cloud.

In case of outgoing calls from the central service center in Germany, a special Click2Call solution is used to ensure that the called customer also receives the respective country and project-related service contact number on his display internationally.

The customer uses the online routing tool for routing modifications in real time as well as online statistics and monitoring functions for supervision, evaluation and optimization of service processing per product/country as well as capacity optimization in the entire, cross-national service network.

Costs are charged and allocated according to the products or the projects.

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